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Mr. Nguyen Thanh Bich and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong lead an investment company in Vietnam. Our grantees might wonder what is the connection between what they do and how this fund comes about. The straightforward answer is that they are doing what any supportive parents would do: supporting their children's passion. 

Starting 2002, they sent their daughters to the United States to pursue higher education. Through the process of hearing about what their daughters have learned in schools, Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen have allowed for several projects that contribute to community betterment. One example is the involvement of Blue Ocean Resort in the collective efforts in Keep Mui Ne Nice initiative.

This fund is another effort to support psychological research in countries where research infrastructure and activities are not well-funded or fully developed. Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen have been convinced about the importance of research in improving lives and hope that this small contribution will help pushing that forward through promoting research in places where it is needed.

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